Application Of Iso Our Services ‘Android Pay’ app launches on Apple App Store and Google Play ahead of the iOS 11 release

‘Android Pay’ app launches on Apple App Store and Google Play ahead of the iOS 11 release

Apple announced today it will begin offering its mobile payment application for Android devices in China on October 29.

Apple Pay, a mobile payment platform based on Apple’s Apple Pay software, will be available on iOS 11 and will be compatible with Android devices running Google Play.

The launch of Apple Pay in China will coincide with the launch of Android Pay on Android devices on October 30.

“The launch of Google Play and Apple Pay on October 28 will be one of the biggest global mobile phone events of the year, and we are excited to see more Chinese customers join the ranks of Android users,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive officer.

The company said the mobile payment feature will be added to the app’s free tier from the day it launches.

The feature is available for free on Apple devices running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and Android 4 and 4.4 KitKat.

In addition to the mobile payments, Apple Pay also offers a variety of payment options, including online purchases, credit card payments and gift cards.

Apple’s payment service will allow customers to use Apple Pay to pay for things like hotel reservations and car rental services.

“Apple Pay is designed to work with all types of payments, from credit cards and gift card payments to wire transfers,” said Apple Pay CEO George Barrios.

“For example, a card can be used to pay to rent a room at a hotel, or a gift card can transfer funds to pay an airline ticket.”

Apple Pay is also compatible with a variety, including credit cards.

The new feature, announced today by Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Williams, also includes a host of other new features.

“With Apple Pay for Android, we’re introducing a number of new payment options that we believe will appeal to a broader range of customers, and to enable them to pay on their Android phones, tablets and Apple Watch,” he said.

“We’ve also launched a new loyalty program, with more than 30,000 loyalty programs across all of our Apple Pay services.

We’re excited to add even more loyalty programs to Apple Pay and Apple, as we continue to expand our reach.”

The new Apple Pay app will be launched in China in the coming weeks.

In China, Apple will offer more than 300,000 payment options for customers to select from, including gift cards, debit cards, gift cards and online shopping.

Apple says more than 4 million merchants and retail outlets will be able to accept Apple Pay through October 29, and more than 1.5 million payment options will be supported by October 30, including hotel bookings and car rentals.

Apple also said it will offer a range of other payment options to help make Apple Pay a more convenient and cost-effective payment option for Chinese customers.

The app will also be available in the United States, where Apple Pay has been available for several months.