Application Of Iso About Us Google launches WorldPay, a free bank application for people in the developing world

Google launches WorldPay, a free bank application for people in the developing world

Google has launched WorldPay (the world’s largest bank application) for people who are in the “developing world” (that is, the developing countries), where many banks are struggling to grow their user bases.

WorldPay is free for users in all regions except the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The app is designed to let users send, receive, manage and transfer money in and out of the global financial system, and is intended to enable people to open bank accounts, transfer money and more without needing to travel or build up a bank account.

It is the first bank app to be launched by Google and is powered by a new bank API.

“WorldPay will allow people in developing countries to access services such as cash payments, wire transfers, money remittances, and financial aid that can help them get by,” WorldPay co-founder and CEO Mark Zebrowski said in a statement.

The bank application, which was developed by the Google Innovation Lab in partnership with IBM, has been in beta testing for two years.

The launch of WorldPay is part of a broader strategy to develop a banking app in emerging markets, according to Zebrowksi.

“We’re working on developing bank apps that people can use without leaving the home, and these applications are designed to be the best in the world for people working in these places,” he said.

“The WorldPay team is committed to helping people access the global economy while also creating the best applications in the development world.”

The Worldpay application is powered with the new bank APIs and is compatible with all major mobile operating systems.

Users can access the application on Google Play, Google Play Store, Apple App Store and the Microsoft Windows Store, with the exception of the US and Canada.

Worldpay has been available in beta since March, and the company is working to roll it out to other developing countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, Brazil, India and Thailand.