Application Of Iso Our Services How to protect your files online

How to protect your files online

An online application for the ISO 17650-application-security-iso extension is causing a new set of problems for people who have installed the extension in a work environment.

“The application is not supported and we are working to resolve this,” an ISO spokesman said.

The company said the problem arose when users tried to download the application to a computer running Microsoft Windows XP.

In the past, Microsoft has offered an ISO-application security extension that can protect the files stored on an ISO using the Microsoft Windows file protection tools.

However, the new extension is a Microsoft program, and does not work with Microsoft Windows.

The ISO said it was working to fix the problem by issuing a security patch.

In the meantime, users who have used Microsoft’s ISO-applicability extension to protect files from the ISO-15288 application are being offered the option to uninstall it.