Application Of Iso Contact Us Microsoft releases new Windows 10 update for phones and tablets – WSJ

Microsoft releases new Windows 10 update for phones and tablets – WSJ

Posted by WSJ News on November 22, 2018 08:30:24 Microsoft Corp. is rolling out the latest version of its Windows 10 mobile operating system to customers of the new version of the operating system.

The Windows 10 Mobile update is available for customers of Windows 10 PCs and tablets, and the version of Windows that is available on mobile devices is Windows 10 RTM.

Microsoft says it is now ready to roll out the update for mobile phones and other devices. 

Windows 10 Mobile includes the latest in the Microsoft operating system, with the new operating system being the latest major release from the Redmond company. 

In order to get the latest update, customers must sign into their Microsoft account and download it. 

Users can also download and install the update on other Microsoft-supported devices via the Windows Store. 

Microsoft is rolling the update out via a new update mechanism called a Mobile Update, which is available through Windows Update. 

For customers of Microsoft Surface devices, the latest Mobile Update will be rolled out to the devices via a Software Update.

For users of Microsoft Edge, Microsoft says the latest mobile update will be available to the Surface devices via Software Update once it becomes available. 

The update is now available for Windows 10 on mobile phones. 

Mobile devices with the newest Windows 10 are now required to install the Mobile Update on the device. 

To install the Windows 10 M1 Update, a user must sign in to their Microsoft Account on the desktop, tablet or laptop that has a Windows 10 PC or tablet running Windows 10.

The Mobile Update is available via Windows Update for the devices that support Windows 10, including Surface, Surface RT, Surface Laptop and other Windows 10 devices.

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