Application Of Iso Our Services The new iPad Mini 2 is a smart device for people who need to keep track of their finances

The new iPad Mini 2 is a smart device for people who need to keep track of their finances

Apple’s new iPad mini 2, which is expected to be released in early December, is expected in the US in early January.

It will be a cheaper option than the new iPad Air 2 and is expected as a new model that is designed to take the iPad Mini model and simplify its interface.

The iPad Mini is the latest version of the Apple tablet, which has been the subject of much criticism from users and Apple’s competitors over the past few years.

A recent study by consulting firm IHS Global Insight showed that the new tablet is among the most expensive and the biggest seller in the market.

The Apple iPad mini is the best iPad model yet, but it’s still a bit priceyThe new iPad is priced at $799 (roughly £749) which is $699 less than the $799 price tag that has been used to justify the price of the previous generation of iPad.

That’s a $50 discount but Apple has not made a profit from selling the new model, so it’s not clear how much the $699 price will help Apple earn on the tablet.

The new model also features a bigger screen and a thinner design compared to the previous model.

The tablet has a 4.5in (1380 x 1080) display, which Apple has used to create a thinner and lighter iPad mini, with the new mini 2 having a 5.7in (1536 x 900) display.

The screen size is the most significant factor when it comes to how much Apple will charge for the new Mini 2.

In addition to the 4.4in (1440 x 900), the new version has a larger bezel than the previous mini.

The device has a bezel that’s 1.8mm thick compared to 2.5mm for the previous one.

The thinner bezel is expected, and will help reduce the tablet’s weight.

The iPad mini also has a new design and a slightly larger battery, so the new models will be more power efficient than the iPad mini Air 2.

Apple has been criticized for the design of the iPad Pro over the years, with some critics complaining about the way it looks and feels.

Apple has said that the redesigned iPad Pro will be better for those who need it to take care of their financial information.