Application Of Iso Our Services The top five most popular apps in Canada

The top five most popular apps in Canada

The top 5 most popular applications in Canada have been revealed, and the top five are: Apple TV : Google Chrome, Firefox, Google Assistant and Facebook.

The top ten most popular are: Windows 10 : Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Instagram.

The top five apps are among the most popular and popular among Canadians, according to data compiled by research firm App Annie.

The survey shows that Canadians use over 3.2 million apps, or almost three-quarters of all applications in the country.

The report was released Friday, the same day Google unveiled the first ever Google Play Store, which offers the best online experience in Canada.

The survey shows Canadians use more than 3.3 million apps.

For example, Canadians use about one-third of the apps in the top ten on the list of the most used apps in North America, the report says.

According to the report, Canadians are also the largest users of Facebook.

A third of Canadians use Facebook, while a fifth use the social network on a regular basis.

In terms of the number of downloads per person, Canadians average 1.5 apps per person per month.