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What’s new in Google’s application store?

Posted July 14, 2018 07:18:58Google is updating its application store for Android.

The company said that the company is also working to add support for new file formats that it calls “extended application formats.”

The company said it is planning to add new file extensions, which will enable users to upload files that have a “multipart, multisig, multiple file, multiple object” nature.

It said these extensions will be added “in the coming weeks.”

Google said it has also launched “a new platform called Google Cloud Platform that allows developers to develop for cloud-based platforms, including Google App Engine and Cloud Foundry.”

Google’s application update also brings support for “new file types,” which will allow users to add files that can be embedded into other applications or in the cloud.

Google is also planning to integrate file extensions with third-party tools.

These types of file extensions will also enable developers to upload “non-commercial” files, which are often used by companies to promote their services.

The update will also allow developers to share these files in a “shared” environment, allowing others to access them without being required to be signed in.

Google said that it is also releasing a number of new developer tools that developers can use to build new applications, such as its “app-specific extensions.”

Google also said it will continue to provide developer tools to help developers build new apps that can run on Android, and said that “we’re committed to supporting developer tools and offering them to developers to help them make more apps.”

The update is part of a larger effort to improve its application and developer tools.

The Google I/O developer conference began on July 12, and Google is launching a new developer tool for Android on Monday, which it is calling the Developer Console.