Application Of Iso About Us Why are the RIAA and MPAA trying to sue the BBC?

Why are the RIAA and MPAA trying to sue the BBC?

The music industry is preparing to sue Britain’s top film distributor for $150 million over the way it handles copyright infringement.RIAA President Kim Dotcom said Tuesday he would appeal a UK court ruling that struck down the RMA’s deal with BBC Worldwide in the United States.

The BBC has agreed to pay $150m to RIAAs partner, which is run by the music industry’s largest union.

Dotcom and the MPAA are suing over a 2011 agreement that had the rights to produce music for the BBC, which was the only broadcaster to make a TV movie featuring their hits.

The ruling on Tuesday by a UK courts tribunal said the RCA’s deal for a TV film was unfair and illegal, since the RDA did not pay the RPI a fee for a film rights deal.

It also ruled that the RAA was entitled to a “special license” from the RTA for its movies and that the BBC’s deal was illegal.

The RMA, which represents music and film distributors, is also seeking a ruling on the BBC and RIA.

The MPAA and RTA are the biggest U.S. music distributors, while the RPA represents music studios.

The case will now be heard in the U.K. High Court.

The ruling could also force other broadcasters to re-up their deals with RIA and MPTA, which have been in place for years.