Application Of Iso Our Services Why you should care about the IRS scandal

Why you should care about the IRS scandal

In what will likely be the most embarrassing revelation of the new year, the Internal Revenue Service has admitted that it secretly monitored conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

While the admission of wrongdoing has not been widely publicized, it is likely to be the first time that the IRS has admitted to this, or even admitted to any wrongdoing.

The IRS is a partisan agency with a conservative bent, but that does not mean that it is indifferent to the feelings of conservatives.

Conservatives are furious about the revelations that the agency violated their civil rights.

We are left with a choice: we can continue to tolerate the IRS as it continues to harass conservative groups and individuals, or we can take a stand and fight back.

We need to fight back to protect the right of free speech.

This is not an easy choice.

But as conservatives, we cannot continue to allow the IRS to intimidate and abuse our conservative groups.

The time for fighting back has arrived.

The Republican Party has been hijacked by a corrupt IRS.

This agency has no regard for the rights of American taxpayers, and is abusing the tax code to harass conservatives.

It has a long history of lying about its own actions, and now it has admitted it lied.

It will not be long before the American people will demand that the Trump administration take immediate steps to correct the egregious misdeeds of the IRS and bring accountability to this agency.

The Republican Party is the only party that will fight for the constitutional rights of all Americans.

We will not tolerate this IRS abuse of our civil rights, and we must stop the IRS from abusing our tax dollars.

We must fight for a fair tax code and protect the rights and privileges of all taxpayers.

We can fight for conservative causes on the national stage by standing up for the sanctity of the American tax code.

The conservative movement is the strongest force for limited government in America, and this is not something the IRS is going to let us forget.

As conservatives, our priority must be to defend our rights.

This must be a fight that we will not rest until we protect our rights as Americans.